Heliographie Girard, making print and delivery a meticulous craft turn toward the future

Reproduction de plans à Genève
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With Héliographie Girard, this is the family spirit

Héliographie Girard is a family business specialised in reproduction of technical and architectural documents. Our services are mainly split in two fundamentals sectors: large format and small format.

We are strongly attached to the client satisfaction and offer them a fast and high quality service

  • Large format
  • Small format
  • Digitization
  • Binding
  • Delivery
Large Format
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Quality with a capital Q

At Héliographie Girard we have acquired a certain expertise in large formats printing for our clients.

Our machinery park give us an impressive production power while our collaborators finish the plans. This includes cutting, folding and making the bundles.

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About Us
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An expertise passed from generation to generation, with improvements and evolution through time

Our firm is carefully observing the technological evolutions and is composed of a highly skilled team.

Pierre Girard
Founder of the Girard’s firm in 1959, Pierre Girard is known in the memory for his availability and his devotion at any time of day or night.. Generous and welcoming, he has never hesitated to implement everything to satisfy his clients.

Daniel Girard
Joining the company in 1977, Daniel Girard has actively worked in the technical photography sector. In 1993, he inaugurated the digital printing section which today is the company main activity.

Christian Girard
Third generation coming in 2012, Christian Girard’s vocation is to maintain the same commercial philosophy of his forefathers. He supervises the whole departments activities.

Création d'héliographie Girard
  1. 1959
    Pierre Girard
  2. 1977
    Daniel Girard
  3. 2012
    Christian Girard
Small Format
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Your document, our expertise

The Héliographie Girard offer to its clients a full digital printing service.

With our high production capacity, we are ready to face any demands

The very close to offset quality is guarantee due to our very advanced technologically material





We do not stop to printing, our carriers ally matchless quality and speed services

We are equipped with three vehicles especially dedicated to the project deliveries

We are synchronised with our clients demandes in order to deliver all the projects before the required delays